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Frequently Asked Questions

The chalets
What time can we arrive?
Check in time is from 17:00. Customers before your rental leave the chalet for 12:00, which gives us time to do the cleaning of your chalet, maintenance and water changes of your spa. We thank you for respecting this time of arrival.

What to do when we arrive at the chalet?

When you arrive, check in at the reception desk!
To access the cottage, you must pay the balance of your stay and sign the rental agreement.

What should we bring?

You must bring your spa towels, towels and washcloths, toilet paper and extra paper towels. You must bring your personal hygiene products, such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.
Consult the list of supplies included!

Is the BBQ functional in winter?

The BBQ is functional all year round!

Are the cottages close together?

The chalets are distanced from each other and separated by the forest, thus preserving all your intimacy.

Can we be 13 in the chalet of 12 people?

No. It is important to respect at all times the maximum capacity of the chalets under penalty of expulsion if you exceed this capacity. This maximum capacity must also include visitors who sleep or do not sleep at the chalet. Our insurances can revoke their contract if the chalets are overloaded and we will not be compensated in case of accidents.
The spas
Is the spa operational in winter?
The spa is open all year round!
The animals
Can we bring our pet?
No animals are allowed on the site and in the chalets.
Many of our customers suffer from allergies and it is to protect them that we refuse animals.
We also want to keep the tranquility, cleanliness of the site and chalets.
How far are you from Montreal?
We are located 1h15 from Montreal.
The lake

Can we swim in the lake?
Des Iles Lake is a magnificent lake 25 km in circumference and the water is impeccable. The bottom of the lake at our waterfront terrace is sandy and pleasant to swim on. You can go far in the water before it gets deep. You can also swim at the municipal beach located less than a kilometre from the chalets.

Can we fish?
You can fish with the rowboat. You must have your fishing licence and equipment.

Do we have to bring our life jackets?
We borrow life jackets of all sizes for adults and children free of charge. We suggest to bring life jackets for children under 2 years old.
The pontoon boat
Do I need the boat license to rent the pontoon?
Yes, a boat license is required to rent the pontoon.
You can get it by visiting the website

Can we fish on the pontoon?
No. The pontoon is a pleasure boat with leather benches. In order to keep it clean, it is forbidden to fish in it.
The activities
Are the activities free of charge?
All activities on the site are free of charge. Only the pontoon is for rent.

Do we have to bring our snowshoes?
We have about twenty pairs of snowshoes that we lend for free.
Do you keep lost items?
We keep lost items for a while, you can contact us if you have forgotten something. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
What is the tax on lodging
In the Lanaudière tourist region, the tax on lodging is 3.5% of the price per night. The tax on lodging provides funding for the Tourism Partnership Fund established to support and strengthen the Québec tourism industry. It applies in the tourist regions of Quebec that have requested it through their tourist association.