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Check-in and check-out times
Check-in time : from 17h00
Check-out time: before 12h00
Failure to respect the departure time will result in a $25 fee plus taxes for the additional 15 minutes.
Chalets capacity policy
It is important to respect at all times the maximum capacity of people assigned to the chalet under penalty of expulsion if you exceed this capacity. The maximum capacity must also include visitors who sleep or do not sleep at the chalet.
Maximum capacity of people (including children, babies and visitors) per chalet: Colibri 6 people, Cardinal 6 people, Huard 8 people, Héron 8 people, Geai bleu 8 people, Pic bois 8 people, Grand Duc 10 people, Harfang 12 people, Versant Symbiose 2 people.
We do not take groups of more than 12 people even if you take several chalets!
Also, we do not rent 2 chalets to a group whose number of people exceeds the maximum capacity of the largest chalet rented.
Example: you cannot rent the Cardinal (6 people) and the Colibri (6 people) if you are 12 people. The maximum capacity of the largest rented chalet is 6 people.
Accidents / Incidents
All accidents or incidents at the Chalets Évasion site that resulted in physical injuries must be reported before you leave the chalet. Chalets Évasion cannot be held responsible for undeclared physical injuries once you have left.
You are responsible for all breakage and damage caused during your stay in the chalet, outside the chalet, on the equipment of the chalet and the Chalets Évasion site. Chalets Évasion undertakes to deliver the chalet to the tenant in a clean and functional state. The tenant undertakes to maintain the premises in the same condition as when he arrived. The manager reserves the right to claim costs for the replacement of equipment stolen or damaged during the rental period and the tenant undertakes to compensate the manager for the amount of damage estimated by the latter. In the event of non-compliance with the premises, the manager may, after sending a duly detailed invoice, charge the amounts of the damage to the tenant's credit card.
The animals
Animals are strictly prohibited in the chalets and on site under penalty of expulsion. A $600 fee will be applied if you bring an animal into the chalet or on the Chalets Évasion site.
The children
The supervision of children is the sole responsibility of the tenant. He will make sure not to leave them unattended on the Chalets Évasion site and on the terrace by the lake.
The chalets are non-smoking
Smoking is not allowed in the chalets. A $600 fee will be applied if you smoke in the cottage.
The candles
It is forbidden to use candles inside the chalets.
Outside music is prohibited as well as excessive noise
Excessive noise (music, party, screams, etc.) is not tolerated on the Chalets Évasion site under penalty of expulsion. In order to preserve the tranquility of the site, outdoor radios are prohibited.
The weapons
The use of firearms is prohibited on the site.
Snowmobiles and ATV
The use of snowmobiles and ATVs on the site is permitted only to access the marked trails.
Fireworks are prohibited at all times on the site.
The tents
It is forbidden to put tents on the chalet grounds.
The drones
The use of a drone on the Chalets Évasion site is prohibited.